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Save time and money with Tatiana’s Boutique!

As a normal effect every time you review your wardrobe or you go shopping you will likely end up with pieces that need to be tailored to your body shape and height to gain a seamless look.

The importance of a tailored look is as essential as having good quality clothes, wearing the right colours or a fine style.  You could have a beautiful designer coat/jacket but if this doesn’t have the right length to create PROPORTION with the rest of your body, or if this is covering your hands of how long the sleeves are, then what are we really achieving? I have always said to my clients you can have a very expensive garment that is not tailored, honestly – it will look cheap.  Surprisingly you could have an affordable good quality coat/jacket that is tailored and it will for sure look classy and on point!

Tatiana has extensive experience in tailoring and fitting*.  Experience that she obtained while running her own tailoring and dress making franchise for more than two years.

Tatiana has access to a range of expert and high regarded tailors that offer: Tatiana’s boutique

Personal brand

  • The best quality and speed


  • A dedicated quality control department to ensure your garments are delivered with quality and as expected, leaving no room for mistakes


  • The trust and exclusive recommendation of reputable direct accounts and looking after the clients of: Ralph Lauren, Armani Collezioni, Camilla, Sass & Bide, Zimmerman, Alice McCall, Carla Zampatti, Aje among others


  • When doing wardrobe organisation or personalised shopping with By Tatiana Salazar get your tailored garments delivered back to you quickly

Imagine having the accessibility to Tatiana’s skills in your own house when doing your wardrobe audit or in the fashion store when doing personalised shopping? with Tatiana’s expertise –  you will avoid:

  • Trying clothes on and off to having them pinned and then tailored – Tatiana will pin the item the first time you try the garment that needs to be tailored, as experienced as she is – Tatiana will tell you what, why and how it needs to be done


  • Driving to an alterations/tailoring store to fix your garments – Tatiana will take them to the boutique for you


  • Waiting days or sometimes weeks to get your garments back – get same or next day delivery


  • Trusting someone who might not deliver quality and care for your garments

Taking advantage of this benefit guarantees a more cost and time effective styling process. *Tailoring fees are not including in the Image Consulting services. However, you will save time and money by having the service available on the spot.

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