Do you look at yourself in the mirror and feel unsatisfied with the extra curves, or perhaps no curves at all?

Let’s face it, you can have beautiful designer clothing in your wardrobe, great quality attire and even a great ability to combine garments, but if you don’t know how to dress for your body shape you might not feel confident enough and might not be achieving a clean, stylish and effective look.  As a mother of two, l completely understand we all have assets we need to highlight and areas we need to camouflage to look great.  There is only one way to achieve this:  knowing and working with your body shape!

  • I will take some time to hear you and understand you, to identify what areas are your assets and how to work with them
  • I will asses not only your horizontal body shape (triangle, inverted triangle, oval, hourglass, rectangular, etc) but also your vertical body shape (long torso – short legs, long legs – short torso, balanced body)
  • I will identify your bone structure and your personal style
  • I will help you feel less self-conscious about your body type, and teach you how to use line and design and optimal illusion to your advantage
  • I will share with you the tools and tricks of the trade to make you feel more confident about your appearance

You don’t need to have an hourglass body shape to look good – knowing how to dress for your shape is where the magic happens!

After assessing your body shape during our 40-60 minute consultation, I will take some time to define and explain your personal style. Do you like a relaxed look? Or more elegant? Are you a mum who lives on the run, or a very busy businesswoman, or both? Do you prefer a conservative look or favour a more modern, sexy look? All these answers can make a big difference when it comes to learning about your personal style, and adding it to the mix together with your body shape will make your styling experience easier and more pleasant.

For your investment of $300 you receive our dedicated 40-60 minute assessment to find out about the areas that affect your confidence, and the assessment of around 35 measures to create your customised Styline Guide. The Styling Guide is a tailored booklet of 200 pages that will become your fashion bible.  It will be your 24/7 Image consulting, coaching you on:

  • All the top tips and tricks to make your body shape look its best
  • What to wear, what to avoid for your body shape and height
  • How to best work with prominent features in your body shape
  • What accessories flatter your bone structure better
  • What accessories create the best scale for your face shape
  • How to use optical illusion effects with Line-And-Design to hide the flaws and create curves
  • Best swimwear and underclothing for your body shape
  • And more

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40-60 minute consultation – Receive expert styling advice, your customised fashion bible, and tools and tips to embrace your body shape so you look your best


Identify what colours complement you and the clothes that flatter your body shape, how to dress for your body, and what to avoid. Includes Styling Guide and Colour Analysis. Valued at $620, you will save $121

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