What is a Personal Brand?

Imagine a company that influences and invests millions of dollars to be noticed and succeed. From a defined purpose, values, a clear mission and vision, a strategic plan to execute the vision, a marketing program to compete in its industry etc. Now, think about all these important aspects but apply them to oneself, holistically. The best thing is that you don’t need millions of dollars to have a compelling personal brand… all you need is to find your why here, why now.  Your why here defines your passion and purpose; your why now helps you take control of who you are today – values and beliefs, living them every day in every way.  As an individual, you have a brand – you are a brand; we all have a story, your story is one of your biggest assets – owning it and embracing it will enhance your personal brand.

  • Effective personal branding will make you different from other professionals in your field
  • It will maximise your business, career and personal success by promoting what you stand for
  • It will bring to essence the unique combination of skills and experiences that make you YOU

The idea of personal branding can make some people feel uncomfortable, and this is normal. But, in this new age economy, having a refreshed and relevant personal brand is very important. If you don’t take control of your personal brand, you may be missing out on opportunities and letting others control your narrative, your story, what you have to offer.  The world is changing, and if we don’t want to be left behind we have to adapt and change with it.

For a moment, I would like you to consider this.  According to a recent study from PR Firm – Weber Shandwick, global executives attribute 45% of their company’s reputation to the reputation of their CEO. That’s nearly half! Additionally, a CEO’s reputation plays an important role in attracting employees to a company (77%) as well as motivating them to stay (70%). How a CEO interacts online is directly tied to the success and appeal of a company in a major way.

Taking it some levels down from a CEOs or CFOs to the typical middle level manager, they switch jobs every 2-3 years, and research reveals that by 2020, 40% of the workforce will be freelance.. This means that a clear and strong personal brand is more important than ever before. In fact, the more successful you want to be, the more important personal branding becomes.

Why me?

My mission is to help you get a clear understanding of who you are, give you the tools and the knowledge to achieve your goals and equip you to be noticed and heard in today’s competitive new age economy. Increasing your level of influence and worth takes clarity, support and commitment from someone who understands how you feel and knows what it takes to succeed. With proven experienced as a counsellor, specialising in women’s self-worth, a digital presence guru and certified Image Consultant, I will help you re-create and define your personal brand by:

  • unleashing the new version of you with defined strengths, values and beliefs
  • discovering your passions and committing to a new, promising and exciting path of success
  • obtaining a clear understanding of your life goals and mission
  • defining and targeting your future opportunities
  • building an online presence that reflects you and your expertise
  • getting direct coaching and top tips to grow and maintain a strong digital presence
  • getting ready to start your new chapter with a solid Personal Brand Action Plan

Your image, your body language and your energy can create a magnet for opportunity, discovering the powerful brand within enables you to make the necessary changes in your life, plan for success and execute your own vision,. Just think about this – with people living longer and retiring much later now is the time to step up, embrace who you are and deliver what you bring to the world. In the same way that happiness works, success is a choice and it takes commitment and consistency.


Clarity & Eagerness

Obtain clarity about your direction, boost your motivation and the driving force to stand up, create impact and mark the difference.

Leverage & Stability

Obtain a real presence that will impact and maximise your personal, business or career value. Create more stability by targeting defined goals and outcomes.

Influence & Credibility

Obtain a clean image that makes you feel your best and influences those around you, be empowered with the tools and knowledge – gaining more professional credibility by enhancing how you present yourself.

Visibility & Accessibility

Obtain better results when it comes to being more respected as a leader, become more accessible with an increased and more effective than ever online and offline presence.

Together, we will work on self-packaging: The most important part of the personal branding process is the part that requires most commitment – determining who you are, what makes you great, what sets your heart in fire, what lights you up, what separates you and makes you unique.  We will also work on how you present yourself with verbal and non-verbal communication and how your presence is  aligned with what you want to achieve. Developing a strategy for delivering your value consistently and authentically, setting you up to impact the world you are created to have. A personal brand conveys the way you carry yourself, the way you communicate in person and in the digital world, your energy and very importantly your appearance. As part of the Personal Brand Service, together we will craft an impeccable image that will optimise you.

We recommend the Personal Brand program together with all the other image makeover services.   See Image Makeover  The investment for the Makeover is $1499 as a package. If you believe you will benefit from only some Image Consulting services and not the full Makeover please contact me.  However, the Personal Branding Program with the three sessions alone will vary from $750 and to this we will need to add whatever Image Consulting Services we both decide work best for you.  From experience, I strongly recommend a complete a thorough process to draft an effective and solid personal brand.  That’s why I have created a great value for money package, so the total investment for a Personal Brand Program and an Image MakeOver is $1999 – saving you up to $600.

The program involves four main personal brand sessions that combine three Image makeover stages. Then 1 monthly online follow-up meeting for the first three months.

Full Day Face-to-Face Session  1

  • Crafting your Personal Brand – Why Here, Why Now
  • Image MakeOver Stage I & II 

1.5 hours Online Session 2:

  • Assessments reviews
  • Strategic Plan

Face-to-Face Session 3:

  • Image MakeOver Stage III Half a Day

1.5 hours Online Session 4:

  • Action Plan & Digital World 

*The makeover is a journey that will be done in the following three stages, see Image MakeOver page for more information

  • Stage 1: Goal and Budget Setting / Styling Guide / Colour Analysis
  • Stage 2: Wardrobe Assessment / MakeUp consultation
  • Stage 3: Personlised Shopping/ Hair & MakeUp Application / Photography / Action Plan

After this, we will have 1 online accountability and follow up meeting for the first three months, to answer any questions, guide you and make sure you are on the right track.

Contact me today to start planing your new path for success.

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Transforming your appearance, crafting a solid personal brand and creating an effective digital presence to influence and be more respected as a leader around your networks and community