The right makeup is as important as the right clothing.

With this session my aim is to equip you with the knowledge to create your own makeUp look for any occasion. Are you a professional that finds it difficult to look your best for that special meeting? Or even every day? Perhaps you have a special date, or you want to impress someone, or maybe you just want to learn the tips to look your best everyday with minimal effort.

Instead of paying extravagant amounts of money in makeup lessons, applications or products that you don’t need, why not get equipped so you can learn to look your best, with the right makeup products and application to suit any occasion?  In this session you will learn:

  • What eye shadow hue complement your eye colour to make your eyes look their finest
  • What lipstick colour are the right ones for your skin complexion to create the perfect balance
  • Which highlights you need to use and how to accentuate your features
  • How to prime, nude on nude, highlight your assets and camouflage imperfections
  • How to create a 5-minute makeup for everyday loo, or create party make up for special occasions with just a few tweaks
  • How to draw your eyebrows with the perfect proportion for your face features to obtain a natural and clean look

Your investment of just $70 gets you professional tips which are not typically revealed by makeup artists. Through this 45 minutes consultation, you will learn exactly how to invest your money in makeup products that will bring harmony to your colours and face features. That hot pink lipstick may be beautiful but perhaps is not the shade that complements you – with me you will learn how to avoid common mistakes and stop being controlled by marketing campaigns convincing you to buy makeup that simply does not flatter…. Plus you will get lots of extra tips to create and preserve the best makeup looks.

*This MakeUp lesson is recommended to be used in conjunction with Colour Analysis.  See Image Consulting Packages for more information. If you wish to arrange only the Makeup Lesson please contact me.


60 to 90 minutes consultation – your colour analysis session, customised colour swatch and booklet.


90 minutes consultation – Your colour analysis, colour swatch, colour booklet and all the knowledge to make the right choice when applying and purchasing makeup.

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