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Personal Brand

Whether you are hosting a corporate event or wanting to offer a guest speaking session, My Image Stylist offers the following personal branding workshop and guest speaking sessions:

Corporate Personal Brand Workshop

Employees will elevate your corporate brand to the extent that they believe in themselves and in what they bring to the table. They are the most valuable asset for any organisation. Equip them to become your brand-ambassadors and real entrepenuers within your entity. Empower them to connect their personal brand to the organisation's brand. Encourage them to grow their level of influence and create a more positive impact in their field and within their community, by inspiring them to increase their visibility, presence and reputation.

Guest Speaker Personal Brand Session

Bring inspiration to your audience by helping them understand and take ownership of the value of personal branding. A tool that will bring to essence the unique combination of skills and experiences that make them individuals of impact and influence. Stimulate the willingness to maximise their potential and motivate them to embrace their unique factor and learn to articulate it
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