Become a CIC

Considering an exciting and rewarding change of career? Or are you a stylists who wants to upskill and expand your styling services?  Perhaps you have always liked fashion and style and love CIC to make a difference in someone’s life?  Then becoming a Certified Image Consultant is a great option for you. Imagine enabling others to gain self-confidence and self-esteem, helping them to look and feel their best, impacting their lives…

You don’t need years of experience in the styling or fashion industry to succeed – all you need is desire and determination.

Qualified Image Consultants and Fashion Stylists are more in demand than ever. Whether it be applying simple makeup or conducting extreme makeovers as a stylist, working in media or in catwalks, getting paid to make people look good and feel better about themselves is a rewarding, exciting and satisfying profession. You can choose to work full or part time as a fashion consultant—from a home office or commercial premises.

Boost your business and your knowledge and become an Image Consultant by participating in our upcoming certified training. Limited seats are available, so hurry and sign up now to guarantee your seat.

In this straightforward and enjoyable course, approved and accredited by AICI for 3.0 CEU’s, you will be trained by Tatiana Salazar, current Australia Image Master Trainer & LifeStyle Coach of global ByFerial Image Consultants Training.  This training is developed by Ferial Youakim who is the president-elect for AICI – Association of Image Consultants International (globally the most respected and recognized association of Image Consultants).  You won’t be in better hands than these to become a well-equipped and connected Certified Image Consultant.

Certified Image Consultant

Becoming a Certified Image Consultant was never so easy!

Your full certification will be granted after completing a quick online training – level 1 and 5 days intensive training – Level 2

Level I – Online Certified Image Consultants Training Level I (see course program) 

Level II Certified Professional Image Consultant, 5 days training (see course program).


Level I

Online Image Consultants Training

Level II

Certified Professional Image Consultant - 5 Days Training

After completing your two levels, you will be able to:

  • Become an Image Makeover expert CIC and provide best quality Image Consulting services to your clients, with the latest and most accurate training programs and resources in place
  • Learn from the Image Masters CIC how to creatively implement the seasonal look in Fashion, Style, Image, Colour Analysis and Makeup –  become an expert in the image industry.
  • Complementary resources and services (valued at up to: $2000) – see below a list of resources and services
  • Become a certified Universal 4X4 Colour System provider and access up to 50% off future resources with the empower membership of ByFerial
  • Be supported by a team of consultants who collectively have more than 60 years experience in the field
  • Be a member of the Personal Branding Experts group. We want to make sure you are guided and are committed to your success. We will provide you with mentoring which will give you knowledge for life.

As part of your training you will receive the following resources and services:

  • Training workbooks
  • Measuring tools & equipment
  • Approximately 80 drapes for colour coding and client assessment
  • 4X4 Makeup Kit (for your season)
  • So Access to top quality makeup and skincare
  • Access to the 4X4 color swatches
  • Get Access to the 4X4 fashion Palate
  • Access to discount system- Forms & Templates
  • One year Support & Mentoring
The investment…

To obtain your full certification you must complete Level I & II

investment for level I – Online Image Consultant Training is $1499 AUD

The investment for your Level II – Certified Image Consultant is $5799 AUD

Total : $7299

To make it easier for you, give you more value  for money and ensure you receive Continuing Professional Development,  if you register for the empower group today you will get the level I – Certified Fashion Stylist off your Level II – Certified Image Consultant – 2 for 1!

So instead of paying $7299 for both levels you will end up paying only $4300 for:

  •  level I – Certified Fashion Stylist (Online Training)
  • you Level II – Certified Image Consultant (Face-to-Face 5 days training)
  • Great Services and Resources valued up to $2000

All this for only $4300 when you are part of the amazing Global network of Image Consultants and Entrepreneurs (1 year membership). The network is dedicated to building strong alliances to create an environment of openness and trust so that everyone CIC feels comfortable discussing their challenges and career successes, holding each other accountable, and keeping each other focused on building their business and reaching their goals. This is a premier interactive online forum for professional consultants and entrepreneurs (across the world!!) to discuss business needs and concerns; as well as steps and stumbles in a warm, friendly, and supportive environment. Belonging to our Empower Global Mentoring Program will give you CIC the following rights and privileges:

  • Be coached, mentored and supported to build and grow your business
  • Get inspired, empowered, have fun and receive knowledge of the image and beauty industry through education
  • Have unlimited access to our Online Training, Fashion & Style Guide, and Discount System
  • Be listed on the ByFerial website and receive prospective client inquires to build up your business
  • The cost of belonging to this elite group of consultants is less than $1 a day. One job a year through our Empower Global Group will pay for your investment, and you can pay your full certification in quotes with AfterPay.  Alternatively, we accept credit cards.
Empower Network Membership

Check Empower Network Membership out to  find out about all the benefits…

Empower Network Membership

Stay connected and get Continuing Professional Development

LET’S TALK NUMBERS – Return On Investment for your course:

I would like you to consider the great investment the certification offers you –  here are the real numbers…

You Certification Level I & II will cost CIC a total (investment) of $4,300 (applying the discount you obtain when accessing your Empower Network membership offer).  Let’s say you only offer the basic services, then your investment looks as follows:

1 service of 4×4 Colour Analysis is usually 6.9% of your investment

Personalised shopping Service is 10.4% of your investment

wardrobe Organisation is 10.4% of your investment

1 styling guide is 6.9% of your investment

From experience

From experience, 1 out of every  2  clients will book a full image consulting service (Styling Guide, Colours Analysis, Wardrobe Organisation & Personalised Shopping). This represents almost 35% of your course Return On Investment (ROI) with only one client or two clients.  The second client will typically book only half of the basic services (e.g. Colour Analysis and Personalised Shopping, or Personalised Shopping and Styling Guide),.  This is 17% of ROI, which means that you are most likely to generate more than 50% of ROI with your first two clients. That’s why this career gives you not only the joy and satisfaction of making a difference in someone else’s life, but is also very rewarding, giving you a great and fast ROI.  Remember only two clients to recover 50% of your course investment.

Ready to start? Follow these steps: