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About Tatiana

Tatiana is a certified and experienced Image Consultant, Counsellor and Trainer. Her passion is to empower people, and she does this by equipping individuals to feel more confident with themselves so they can impact in every sphere of life. Her values focus on making a difference and include excellence, honesty, creating beauty, determination, and meaningful-hard work.

Executing her passion, skills and strengths through image consulting and personal branding, Tatiana excels at equipping people to have a clearer direction, set defined goals to achieve their dreams, and making the best impressions with their image. Tatiana’s clients include Ralph Lauren, SBS Broadcasting, Myer Westfield Chatswood, Zimmerman, Aje, Scandal Theodore, Sandro, Maje among others.

Born in Colombia, Tatiana made Australia home in 2009 and is wife to a wonderful Argentinian/Australian husband and mum to two wonderful girls:  an adventurous 5 year old and a softhearted 10 year old. Tatiana enjoys the challenge of balancing family and business. She strives for distinction through excellence, takes advantage of good opportunities, and always seeks growth and improvement both as a person and in business platforms.

By Tatiana Salazar, Image Consulting, consultant, personal brand expert
By Tatiana Salazar, Image Consulting, consultant, personal brand expert

By Tatiana Salazar – Image and Personal Brand Consulting specialises in equipping individuals to build and articulate who they are, what they can offer, and how to deliver. Its mission is crafting a compelling and authentic personal brand that conveys the client’s unique value and helps them boost their assets and strengths. By Tatiana Salazar’s strategy is delivered through a holistic approach, working one on one to:

  • maximise personal appearance and potential that increases worth and level of influence (image consulting services).
  • create effective wardrobe and shopping solutions that meet your styling needs, budget and lifestyle (image consulting services).
  • bring clarity to clients’ values, mission and vision (personal branding work).
  • create effective goals with measured outcomes, committing to a new path of success (personal branding work).
  • unleash a refreshed personal brand with a strong and effective digital presence (personal branding work).

By Tatiana Salazar’s does not follow fashion or latest trends but instead uses them to create timeless, memorable and impeccable styles. By Tatiana Salazar’s expertise combines Image Consulting and Life Coaching principles to craft powerful personal brands that are authentic, credible and noticed in today’s competitive new age economy.