The 4X4 colour concept originates from the colour wheel developed by Newton and Munsell.  It builds on Newton and Munsell’s work by including a new and highly useful addition of colours.

Analysis through the 4X4 Color Analysis System will take the guesswork out of determining your most flattering colour palette. With only three simple steps, you will know which colours are best for you. There are three characteristics of your individual colouring I will need to examine: the hue, the value, and the intensity.



Everyone’s skin colour has a tone, which can be warm or cool. Think of often-used phrases describing someone’s colouring. When you hear someone described as having a peaches and cream complexion or being rosy cheeked, it is a response to the warmth or coolness, respectively. I will carefully determine the tone/temperature of your skin.


The colour of your hair, and how light or dark it is, will be what I will be deciding on in this step. Although hair may not be an actual part of your skin tone, nature has graced everyone with colours that complement each other, and your hair is a major part of your overall appearance.


Intensity refers to how saturated something is with colour. I will consider the soft pastel of a light pink rose compared to the deep richness of a deep red rose. For your colour analysis, I will examine your eyes and decide how intense your eye colour is. As part of determining the intensity, I will also assess if your eyes are, bright, light, medium, or dark.

I will take the time and examine these three factors to make the most of your naturally endowed colouring. It’s time for a change for the better.

The 4X4 Online Color Analysis is a great investment into your positive and successful image.

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The information above has been taken from ByFerial Image Consulting Training with their permission to promote the 4×4 universal system. https://imageconsultantstraining.com/4×4-color-analysis-system/


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